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Welcome to SamuraiWarriorSwords.com

Tired of having to overpay for Authentic Japanese Samurai Swords?  Then you have come to the right website.  We buy in large quantities from our manufacturers so that we can guarantee the lowest prices out there.

SamuraiWarriorSwords.com is the one-stop shop for all your Japanese Samurai needs. We carry the full lines of Paul Chen / CAS Hanwei Swords & Armour, Thaitsuki Nihonto Samurai Swords, Cold Steel Samurai Swords, Ryumon Samurai Swords, and Masahiro Samurai Swords. We have swords and armour that range from decretive to fully functional and battle ready. Our items range in price so that no matter what you budget is, we have a sword that you can afford. If you are looking for the most Authentic Japanese Samurai Swords money can buy, check out our Paul Chen Partner Exclusive Samurai Sword line. If you are looking for a battle ready samurai sword that you can use extensively and afford on any budget, check out our Practical Samurai Sword line. If you are studying Iaito, we have several options of Iaito blades that come in various sizes to fit you perfectly. If you have any questions, feel free to email our customer service at sales@samuraiwarriorswords.com. 

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Paul Chen Partner Exclusive Praying Mantis Katana
Paul Chen Praying Mantis Katana Partner Exclusive The Praying Mantis is a ... Discover More.
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