Paul Chen Practical Pro Elite Katana
Model: [SH6009KPG]

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Paul Chen Practical Pro Elite Katana

The Practical Pro Elite Katana has an extended tsuka and a thicker and longer (29”) Performance Series blade with a finer polish when compared to others in the Practical series. The blade is forged in high-carbon steel and differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. The rayskin-covered tsuka is wrapped with cotton ito and is double-pegged for safety. The saya is finished in a deep black lacquer with a black Japanese cotton sageo. The fittings (koshirae) are finished in antiqued black iron. The katana feature a round Kuruma tsuba, which represents the “Wheel of Dharma,” symbolizing the Buddhist concept of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Elite Katana Blades:

Frequent Cutting / Advanced Drawing Practice
Paul Chen Hanwei Elite Katana Blades embody the classical design elements of the most prolific sword design in history. With their strong Shinogi Zukuri shape that accentuates the differential heat treatment, these blades are traditionally proportioned to appeal to the collector but they will also perform well in general cutting of hard or soft targets.

Key Features:

  • 1065 High Carbon Blade
  • Fine Polish
  • Quality Fittings


  • Blade Length: 29"
  • Handle Length: 14"
  • Overall Length: 44"
  • Weight: 2 lb 13 oz
  • Point of Balance: 4"
  • Width at Guard: 1.40"
  • Width at Tip: 1.05"
  • Thickness at Guard: .30"
  • Thickness at Tip: .20"
  • Sori: 3/4"

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece

This sword comes with a cotton storage bag.

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