Paul Chen Raptor Shobu Zukuri
Model: [SH2417]

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Paul Chen Raptor Shobu Zukuri

The Raptor series, Paul Chen's new line of cutting katanas, has been designed for the cutting practitioner who does not necessarily have access to mats but who wishes to practice and perfect his cutting technique. The blades are forged in 5160 high-carbon steel and specially heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance of misdirected cuts than a conventional differentially tempered blade. The edge geometry is configured to facilitate the cutting of both soft and semi-hard materials without chipping, allowing the cutter a wide choice of targets. The Raptor Series presently encompasses three blade styles, all tuned to maximize cutting ability.

The Raptor Shobu-Zukuri (Iris Leaf) blade has an elegant shape and powerful cutting ability. Notable for the absence of a Yokote transition, this blade design became popular during the Nanbokucho era (1336 ~ 1392 AD) and its popularity continued into the Muromachi period.

Key Features:

  • Hand forged 5160 Shobu-Zukuri Shaped Carbon Steel Blade
  • Cotton "Battle Wrapped" Tsuka
  • Specifically Heat Treated To Withstand The Rigors Of Bad Cuts
  • Great Sword For Beginners Or For Users That Do Not Have Access To Cutting Mats
  • Excellent Balance And Cutting Ability


  • Blade Length: 29"
  • Handle Length: 13"
  • Overall Length: 45.5"
  • Weight: 2 lb 12 oz

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece

This sword comes with a cotton storage bag.

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