Tatsu Collection

TATSU Collection
Dragons of the East

CAS Hanwei and Paul Chen are releasing a Limited Edition Japanese Dragon Series of Swords. Together they are bringing you one of the most innovative samurai sword series ever created. The Tatsu Collection is a series of 9 sword sets. (Katana and Wakizashi)

Each set is designed after one of the many Japanese Dragons found throughout Japanese lore. Each Sword will be a limited edition item with forged-folded steel as the blade.

Sword #1 in the series (now INSTOCK and Ready to Ship)
Fuku-Riu - The Japanese Dragon of Good Luck
Limited Edition Katana 150 total
Limited Edition Wakizashi 75 total

Sword #2 in the series
O Goncho- The Japanese Dragon of Famine and Pestalince
approx. arrival date: 05-01- 2010

This series will span nearly 5 years with a new set in the series to arrive approximately 6 months apart.

More information will follow as it arrives.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result Pages:  1 
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