Thaitsuki Nihonto Musashi Katana
Model: [KTN1]

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Thaitsuki Nihonto Musashi Japanese Katana

The blade of the Musashi Katana (KTN1) is specially handmade and forged in the Japanese Nihonto tradition. This forging method mixed with high quality, high carbon Japanese steel makes it one of the most sharpest, strongest and flexible blades. The tsuka (handle) is genuine same' (ray skin) and the Tsuka Ito (handle wrap) is black leather, also available in brown leather. The Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira (sword mounting/fittings) are all handmade with 92.5% silver. The oxidization process will create an antique look. The Habaki is handmade from 92.5% silver. The Tsuba is handmade from 100% brass. The Same' is double pegged.

The Musashi Katana is forged using the Japanese Nihonto method and features a black matt finished saya and leather tsuka ito. The Musashi Japanese Katana can be completely disassembled for full maintenance. This is a Fully Functional Japanese Katana, NOT a replica.


  • Blade Length: 29 1/2"
  • Overall Length: 40 1/2"
  • Tsuka Length: 11"
  • Tang Length: 10"
  • Weight: 2 3/4 lbs.
  • Point of Balance: 5 1/2"
  • Blade: High Carbon Steel - Notare Hamon
  • Edge Hardness: 60-63 HRC
  • Body Hardness: 30-33 HRC
  • Saya: Black Finish with Koiguchi (Buffalo Horn)

Each Thaitsuki Japanese Katana comes with it's own individual serial number and certificate from Thaitsuki Nihonto so you can trace it back to when and by whom it was made. Each katana is handmade and the fittings are handcrafted so no two katanas will be ever be exactly alike. Each katana is it's own, one of a kind, work of art.

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Sold Out and Discontinued
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