Thaitsuki Nihonto Sokueto Hondachi Katana
Model: [KTN5]

Our Price:$1,349.00

Thaitsuki Nihonto Sokueto Hondachi Japanese Katana

The Sokueto Hondachi Japanese Katana features a Koto styled, a Japanese high carbon, hand forged, clay coated, heat treated and hand polished blade with half bo-hi. The Koshira features an eligent Koto style design. The saya is finished with a rich black gloss laquer, with buffalo horn koiguchi, Japanese ivory silk sageo and silver kurikata. The tsuka ito is wrapped in a Japanese ivory silk (matching sageo) with black same' and features copper / silver antique style Fushi, Kashira, tsuba and 92.5% silver menuki, seppa and silver Habaki. The blade is polished and razor sharp.

The Sokueto Hondachi Katana is forged using the Japanese Nihonto method and can be completely disassembled for full maintenance. This is a Fully Functional Japanese Katana, NOT a replica.


  • Blade Length: 29"
  • Overall Length: 40"
  • Tsuka Length: 11"
  • Tang Length: 10"
  • Weight: 2 1/2 lbs.
  • Point of Balance: 5"
  • Blade: High Carbon Steel - Notare Hamon
  • Edge Hardness: 60-63 HRC
  • Body Hardness: 30-33 HRC
  • Saya: Black Finish with Koiguchi (Buffalo Horn)

Each Thaitsuki Japanese Katana comes with it's own individual serial number and certificate from Thaitsuki Nihonto so you can trace it back to when and by whom it was made. Each katana is handmade and the fittings are handcrafted so no two katanas will be ever be exactly alike. Each katana is it's own, one of a kind, work of art.

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